About Us


135 Franklin Street Clarksville TN 37040



Hey Noli was born out of a love for small businesses around the world. As the owner of online children's brand The Magpie Company, Elizabeth (Ellie) Conner found (and fell in love with) hundreds of other makers and small businesses. Ellie had a desire for everybody else to know and love these small brands and decided Clarksville was the place to do it. Bringing in all of these brands she loves, along with new brands and those larger companies that we all know and love, Hey Noli is a curated space for the modern woman. Offering a wide range of clothing, toys and home goods for newborns, kids of all ages and men and women, there is a little something for everyone. We aim to bring you high quality hand crafted goods, classes and workshops for children and adults and a gathering space for everybody.

Why Hey Noli?

Pulling from the names of Ellie and Brian's children, Hayden and Magnolia, Hey Noli was a name they felt they could grow with. As a company that strives to bring a wide range of gifts and items to everybody, they felt that would best represent the products you could find in their little shop.