BeeKeepers Giant - Crabby Eyes - 1 Giant


the honey bee - 1 piece - contains one extra-large rectangle. use this set to top a casserole dish, wrap half a melon, or protect raw vegetables.

the Honey Bee is a 1 piece set which includes:

1 - 12" x 16" rectangle

the BeeKeeper story…

BeeKeepers, the cornerstone of TreeBee, are reusable food and treat wraps.  they are eco-friendly, food and treat wraps, made with a beeswax blend and 100% cotton fabric. they are designed to be functional, sustainable, and attractive.  they are intended to be an alternative to single-use plastic film and baggies.

the joy of owning them is the ability to make your own rules!  there are no set standard to using a BeeKeeper – simply experiment and try.    

while trying them out, enjoy their beauty and design.  all designs are limited as availability and seasons change.

sustainability comes in many forms; the BeeKeepers, themselves, are reusable and compostable, and an asset to fresh fruits and vegetable storage. because they are porous, food will age naturally (as if it had never been cut).  slime and mold are not a problem with a breatheable wrap. herbs and fresh vegetables will last longer in a BeeKeeper - saving resources and money.