Clary Nipple Balm


Breastfeeding is beautiful and natural… but it's not always easy! New mothers often suffer from sore, chaffed nipples in the first few weeks. Protect yourself and your newborn with pure and natural Clary Nipple Balm to soothe, hydrate and encourage healing of tender skin.

Clary Nipple Balm contains only high quality, food-grade herbs infused in pure, virgin Olive Oil — so there is no need to remove before feeding.  

Why we chose our ingredients:

The bright and beautiful Calendula flower, or marigold, enlivens blood vessels deep in the epidermis and increases circulation, bringing healing power to the skin’s surface. Chamomile gently stimulates cell turnover and regulates the skin’s metabolic process. Fragrant Lavender has been proven to settle the nervous system, easing pain and tension. Hippocrates called Olive Oil “the great healer” and Homer called it ‘liquid gold’. The key to Olive Oil’s power lies in three major types of antioxidants: vitamin E, polyphenols, and phytosterols - all of which are critical to proper cell-turn over and skin metabolism. They bind to free radicles created by sun exposure and environmental toxins and prevent them from causing cell damage. They not only slow the process of declining collagen production due to aging, but they also encourage the production of new collagen. Olive Oil penetrates deeply into the skin, won’t clog pores. Beeswax forms a protective barrier that shields the skin from environmental assault. An efficient and natural humectant, it attracts water molecules and holds them close, retaining moisture. Unlike petrol-based substances, beeswax is breathable and won’t suffocate pores. It also carries anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral benefits and is highly useful in treating irritation and minor wounds. 


100% Natural + Organic 
Safe for baby