Hazel Village Mushroom Rattle
Hazel Village

Hazel Village Mushroom Rattle

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When the woodland animals get tired of traipsing, they like a nice place to sit. This mushroom rattle is an excellent size for that – about 3.75" in diameter and about 4" tall. HOWEVER. Its stem is rounded so any animal that tried to sit on it would fall over. You have been warned.

Good thing this is actually a rattle for babies, of an excellent shape and size to be grabbed by chubby hands and shaken with glee. It is made of organic cotton jersey on the top and stem, with organic cotton canvas on the underside. It has a rattle, not too loud but still fun, safely sewn into the red and white part. The toadstool is stuffed with washable polyfill. It can be hand washed and air dried if it gets grubby. 

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