Lavender Deodorant Cream


Put your hands in the air and jump for joy! Our aluminum and baking soda-free deodorant, made from nourishing and gentle organic ingredients, is here! Stay smelling fresh all day long, naturally.

To Use: Gently rub a pea sized amount (see image) into clean armpits with your fingertips.

Curious about making the switch to a natural deodorant? We've compiled some great tips and tricks to make the newbie's transition as easy as possible and optimize the natural deo pro's experience with our cream! Read all about it HERE

Experiencing a change in texture in your deodorant cream? Hot temperatures (Hello Summer!) will result in a much creamier deodorant as the coconut oil melts in the high 70's. Some separation may occur and is natural. Simply give your Deo a good stir and pop in the refrigerator until firm! Occasionally shea butter will cause little beads to form - they are natural (you can read more about them here) and will not reduce how effective the deodorant is or decrease shelf life, but restoring a smooth texture is also quite easy!   To return your deodorant cream to a smooth state, follow these instructions:1. Remove the lid (very important!)2. Place the jar (without lid) in the microwave and heat on 10 second bursts until melted. 3. Give a quick stir with a knife or skewer.4. Pop in the refrigerator until firm.5. Enjoy smooth deodorant!