Family Favorite Recipe Book


A Keepsake of Family Recipes

These recipe books are the perfect way to catalog and keep track of your family’s favorite recipes! Create an heirloom keepsake for your family to treasure for future generations. A quick go-to resource for your tried and true favorite recipes. Letterpress printed by hand for a timeless, beautiful addition to your recipe book collection that you will want to leave on display.

  • Spiral
  • 6.5"x8.5"
  • 65 Pages
  • 6 Categories
  • Recipe Layout

Our recipe book covers use 8ply 100% conservation quality mat board that’s fade resistant and acid & lignin-free for a superior durability. The recipe pages are 105gsm thick, smooth, off-white paper to hold up to regular, repeated use. Held together with 2:1 pitch bronze binding wire. Categories. include Soup and Salad, Starters and Snacks, Side Dishes, Main Dishes, Desserts, and Drinks. Each category contains 10 double-sided recipe sheets with space for 20 total recipes. The Main Dishes section has 5 extra recipe sheets, with space for 30 total recipes. Designed, printed and packaged in our Lawrence, Kansas studio.